“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou

I peeled an orange only to find a peach. Huh? Wait what? You read it correctly. I peeled an orange only to find a peach. I know what you you’re thinking, what is this chick talking about? Oranges and peaches, is this another foodie blog, or maybe it’s for vegetarians or vegan enthusiast? No not at all…..read on you can thank me later.

Follow, comment, join the conversation, share how you can relate. Peel your orange to find your peach.

Middle Aged Meditation & Marvolously

My 47th year of life happened few days ago. My daughter asked me how it feels to be a year older. In the age of Covid-19 it feels like a beautiful blessing.

I’ve Been Here Before

As I worked through my feelings, analyzed my life as it stands, I realized that I’ve come full circle in various areas of my life. A second chance has been given to do something different, change my perspective, take a different path.  How many of us get a redo? How many of us realize thatContinue reading “I’ve Been Here Before”

The Orange Grove Wilderness

Religious followers know the wilderness is as a place of solitude, purity.  It is an untouched, untamed  uninhabited place  that requires all inhibitions, prejudices and preconceived ideas be removed in order to get out. I found myself in a wilderness of sorts. Surrounded by enormous orange trees (bad decisions and choices) with low hanging fruit (regret) inContinue reading “The Orange Grove Wilderness”


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